Broaddus Flats
Assassquin Plantation

Dover Steam Mill

18th Century Cellar

19th Century Kitchen Cellar

Summer Hill
Mehixton Plantation

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Colonial Williamsburg

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Flowerdew Hundred Plantation

Historic Annapolis, Maryland

Jamestown Rediscovery

Jefferson Patterson Park & Museum

London Town, Maryland

Maryland Historical Trust

Monticello (home of Thomas Jefferson)

Montpelier (home of James Madison)

Mount Vernon (home of George Washington)

Museum of London

National Geographic Magazine: Archeology & Paleontology News

Odyssey Marine Exploration

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Queensland Museum Explorer Australia (features wreck of the HMS Pandora)

St. Mary's City (a museum of history and archeology on the site of Maryland's colonial capital)

Slash Church

Social Studies Sources

Society for Historical Archeology

Stratford Hall (home of the Lee family)

Texas A&M University Nautical Archeology

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