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Broaddus Flats Overview

The Broaddus Flats Site (44Hn254) is a multicomponent (colonial, prehistoric and contact) site located near the south bank of the Pamunkey River in northeastern Hanover County.

Originally within New Kent County, this home may have been Assesquin Plantation, home of family patriarch David Crafford (also Crawford). (For more information, see "The History of the Broaddus Flats Site.")

Excavations over nine years have revealed partial brick foundations, a cellar and a slot trench for a posted fence that enclosed the half-acre yard.

Ceramic finds include English delftware, Rhenish and English stonewares, imported and locally-made earthenwares. Marked pottery by William Rogers of Yorktown and plain Colono-ware are also well-represented. English pipe bowl styles range from the 1690s to about 1740, with an abundant sampling having maker's marks within cartouches from the first quarter of the 18th century. (For more information, see "Artifactual Evidence from the Broaddus Flats Site.")

Faunal remains indicate a varied diet of both domesticated and wild game.

Archeological Society of Virginia members, student volunteers and even Boy Scouts working on their archaeology merit badge have all contributed over the years.

Date posted: 6.23.03